Frank’s Fabrics carries a wide array of fabrics and textiles for your framing projects. 

Swatch Books

More than 500 colors are represented in our 3″x6″ Swatch Books. The ball chain allows easy access to each sample. 

Books are available separately for $25 each. 

A complete set of 12 books is $200 (save $100). 

Clear acrylic caddy is $35. 

Corner Samples

Corner Samples are the best design tool we can offer, and our Corner Samples are carefully hand-crafted to help you and your clients design with confidence. 

Mat Corners
4-ply: $1.60
8-ply: $2.15 

Liner Corners
Complete set, primed 6″ chevrons: $45.00
Custom Wrapped set of 10: $45.00


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